Temporary Notes

Created 24 Jan 2013 11:31, Updated 24 Jan 2013 11:31

A neat functionality of this notebook is the Temporary Note. A temporary note is a simple jot of information to perhaps serve as a reminder for something. Perhaps it can be for a to-do list. Whatever you use it for, it serves as a way to display quick information from all places of the notebook.

Temporary notes appear on the little post it note to the far right of the screen. When you hover over it, the full note becomes visible, and you can view more. The temporary notes work a little differently than the sections when it comes to sorting.

Temporary notes have no parent, and they are not categorized. On the post it note, they are ordered according to precedence. Precedence is determined by the title that you assign the page. For instance, let us say that you want "Pay the Bill" to be over "Walk the Dog". In the title, you only have to give the "Pay the Bill" page a lower number in the title than "Walk the Dog". For instance, we want to title "Pay the Bill" with a "1" and "Walk the Dog" with "4". "Pay the Bill" will appear over "Walk the Dog" because it has a higher degree of order in the title. Therefore, titles are used to order temporary notes.

Deleting a temporary is as easy as clicking delete under its options.

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