Filing with Parenting

Created 24 Jan 2013 11:31, Updated 24 Jan 2013 11:31

Pages on this notebook are filed using the parenting function of Wikidot. For instance, the parent of this page is notebook:1, the section this page branches off of. With this parenting system, pages can be sorted properly to appear in the proper place and they appear above the content of the page for quick backtrack navigation.

So, what if a page has no parent somehow? That page will then appear under the "Unfiled Notes" section of the main page. You can categorize that page by manually adjusting the parent in order to place it under a section. This also works for changing the categorization of a page with an existing parent.

To change or define the parent of the page, go to the page options at the bottom of the page, press "+ Options", then press "Parent". You can define the pagename of the section in the text box. To make the page a major section, place notebook:_main in the box. Otherwise, you can put the pagename of another page (which will normally be in the form notebook:#).

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