Inserting an Image

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Test Picture
Image Unavailable
This is a test image.

This notebook application allows you to easily frame images. To the right is an example of an image using the include. It allows you to:

  • Select an image via URL
  • Apply a heading
  • Apply a caption
  • Position the image
  • Select a width
  • Apply a link to the image

To use this, you must first have an image. The include uses an image URL to render it. For example, the chess image uses this URL:

The image is uploaded to the Internet. It is easy to obtain the URL of an image if it is on the Internet, but if you want to render an image in a computer file, that is a bit more difficult. Wikidot allows you to upload images from the computer, however. Simply click on the "Files" button in the page options and upload the image from your computer. Then, you can find the image URL.

So, here is how it works. To render the image, use this code:

[[include inc:picture

The image URL goes after the equals of |pictureurl. Note that no quotes are used! If an image is not defined or the image somehow disappears from its normal destination, then an "Image Unavailable" will appear.

To define a title, place the title after |heading. If you do not want a heading, then leave it blank.

To define a caption, place the caption after |caption. If you do not want a caption, then leave it blank.

You can make an image go left or right by placing "left" or "right" after |float. To center the image, leave |float blank.

|width, surprisingly, allows you to adjust the width of the image. The default is 195 pixels.

By default, when you click on the image, it will take you directly to the image URL. However, you can change where it leads by placing the destination URL after |link. To keep it default, leave it blank.

This may seem like a lot, but the more you use it, the easier it becomes.

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